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27 Dec

We head to Charleston today! This is our next adventure destination.  The drive is about 2 hours from our grandparents place in Lexington, SC, which is where we’d stayed the past couple of days.  On the way down we listened to the audio book “The gold bug” by Edger Allen Poe. It was pretty cool and it took place on the Island that we were going to visit. There the main charter decoded a secret pirate map and in the end he finds the pirate Captain Kid’s treasure.

We then drove directly to the campground to set up camp before heading out to Fort Moultrie, a national historic site.

Cannons and a Mortar

Cannons and a Mortar

It was a BIG fort on Sullivan’s Island. We walked into the fort through a tunnel.

Entrance to the fort

Passage entrance

This fort kept enemy ships from entering the Charleston harbor. They would shoot at the ships with cannons. They had a motor that was HUGE. As we were walking about, I saw this sign about a submarine called the Hunley. You only had a limited amount of air in it and you had to propel it by pulling cranks. A torpedo was on the end and they would ram into a ship and it would blow up. It was used in the Charleston Harbor during the Civil War.  We continued looking around but the park ranger said they were closing so we had to leave. It was really cool though.

Fort M 2

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Sullivan’s because it was on Sulluvans island. I ordered shrimp and grits. IT WAS FANTASTIC. Really  nice and creamy grits and good shrimp. We headed back to the campsite and slowly drifted to sleep after enjoying a nice campfire and a new dice game called TENZE.


The Camp fire under the full moon


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