Adirondacks-Grayson Varn

18 Jul

Our Adirondacks trip was very exciting. We climbed several mountains to see amazing views and new animals.

One part of our trip that stood out to me was going to our friend Aiden’s cabin near Lake Placid.


His family’s cabin is on the shore of a lake – and has no electricity. In the Adirondacks, cabins are called “camps” instead of cabins. We went swimming in the lake and kayaked to a small waterfall.


When we got to the falls we slid down it a few times into the water. When we got out of the water, we realized we had small leaches all over us. We got them all off before any could suck blood, but after that we decided to head back. We didn’t want anymore leaches! We paddled back to the camp and ate some supper. Another thrilling experience we had was to watch a bald eagle perch in a tree, to then later fly off in search of prey. Red winged blackbirds were everywhere and sang a really interesting song.

The Adirondack Mountains are amazing!

Stay tuned for more post…

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